Patient Guidance
Our latest clinical situation at The Orchard Clinic:
Wells Physiotherapy Clinic in association with The Orchard Clinic


Keeping our patients and staff safe as we gradually work our way out of COVID-19 lockdown is paramount. We are now able to see patients face to face and want to share with you the measures we have introduced to help keep you and us safe. These adaptations have been guided by Public Health England, The General Osteopathic Council, Institute of Osteopathy, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Health Care Professions Council and the General Council of Massage Therapists alongside other various governing bodies.

All the stages of your visit to The Orchard Clinic have been thought through in detail and every measure put in place is there to keep everyone as safe as is possible. We are aware that it may not be a perfect system and that it may need tweaking as we learn the best fit. Thank you for bearing with us during this time.

We will of course make every effort to make you feel as welcome and as nurtured as before and are very much looking forward to seeing you and providing you with a safe service. Please read through the following so that you know what to expect and get in touch either by phone 07788 470551 or email with any questions you have.

Thank you,

Jayne Wells, Kelley Waters and The Orchard Clinic Team.



From July 2020 your visit to The Orchard Clinic now involves the following:



Current regulations require us to telephone you prior to your visit to determine that you do not have COVID-19 symptoms and that it is appropriate to treat you. This ‘triage’ call should take no more than 5-10 minutes and will also include a brief explanation so that you know what to expect when you arrive.

To book your pre-screening phone call prior to booking your appointment please go to our website

Should you require any help or direction regarding what to book and with whom, you can telephone for advice 01491 672332 We are always happy to chat and assist. If we can’t answer your call, please leave a message with a contact number and we will call you back.



You now need to pay online at the time of booking. If you have any problems, please let us know either by telephone or email.


Appointment reminder

Wells Physiotherapy Clinic will send you an email reminder of your appointment and you will be required to sign a health consent form before treatment. This will also require you to consent to contact tracing in line with GDPR guidelines.


Treatment Room adaptations

We have adapted our Treatment Rooms to make them safer following Public Health England and our Governing Bodies’ advice. The treatment room including the floor will have been cleaned immediately prior to your session and in between every treatment. This will be done by your Practitioner using alcohol wipes and bleach detergent. The treatment couch and pillow will have a wipeable plastic cover on them which is sanitised between each Patient and covered with tissue roll. This tissue roll will be replaced between Patients.

Surfaces will be kept as clear of non-essential items as possible to reduce infection spread. They will be wiped with alcohol wipes between treatments.

The chairs in the Treatment Rooms will be plastic/metal and therefore easier to clean. These and the door handles will be cleaned with alcohol wipes between Patients.

Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Reflexology and Podiatry Clients will remain clothed.

When appropriate a window will be open in the Treatment Room to allow maximum ventilation as there is evidence that air flow reduces risk. This will also happen between each Patient.

If you would like a warm blanket cover this will (as before) be washed at high temperature and replaced for each Client.


What and what not to bring

Please bring your own water bottle if required. If possible, please leave all personal items in your car. If you do bring anything into the room (e.g. a mobile phone and car keys) please put it in the clear plastic box under the chair. We will sanitise this box between each treatment session. You need to wear a mask. We can provide a mask if you don’t have one.


From when you arrive

When you arrive at the clinic please remain in your car until your Practitioner waves you over. When you reach the door please use the hand sanitiser gel on the wall.

Your Practitioner will greet you dressed head to foot in PPE. This will include the following:

  • Protective eyewear, mask, scrubs, disposable apron and non-latex gloves
  • The apron and gloves will be changed after every Patient

Your Practitioner will take your temperature before you enter using a remote forehead thermometer (if your temperature is 37.8 degrees or over, we will sadly have to reschedule your session as this may indicate COVID-19). We will refund you for the session.

Initially we will be operating only two treatment rooms at any one time. There will be no reception seating other than emergency chairs. There will also not be a Receptionist or Staff member in the Reception area.

Please follow your Practitioner straight into the treatment room and sit on the white chair until you get onto the treatment couch. Your Practitioner will try to keep a 2 metre distance from you when not actually treating.

After treatment, your Practitioner will lead you out the same way and you can dispose of your PPE in the pedal bin. Once again please use the hand sanitiser gel on the wall and, if you feel the need, sit in your car for a while until you feel ok to drive. PLEASE AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE AND WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME.



You may use the loo but please avoid this if possible. Please wash hands thoroughly according to the guidance on the displayed poster on the back of the door. This room (including door handles) will be cleaned regularly throughout the day and this cleaning record will be displayed.

We hope this information is reassuring and feel confident that we can carry out ‘best practise’ whilst still retaining the heart and soul of The Orchard Clinic.


See you soon!

The Orchard Clinic Team